How would you describe what you do?

Favela as a collective started a year ago with the intention to bring the 'Baile funk' scene to Ghent. In Belgium or Europe in general there are almost no labels or scenes who are pushing this particular sound and it's a great time for Brazilian Funk music right now because the scene is blowing up with new talent and many youngsters are listening more and more to Brazilian inspired bass music.

After the 2 first events we organised, we felt that the audience found this sound very appealing so we decided to take it a bit further and started to broaden our musical spectrum by playing even more kinds of tropical bass music. We actually noticed that if we mix the Baile sound with other subgenres of bass music the result is a very dynamic and lively sound.

What are you planning to do during the take over?

Murkie And Ark will bring a 1,5H Baile funk inspired set with many influences from

other bass music subgenres, incorporating a lot of heated percussion and rhythms.

Be prepared to be caught off guard sometimes and to step out of your comfort zone while these guys take over the decks! For the next hour and a half Favela resident and upcoming dj Fransisca will provide you with a sweet selection of latin music and salsa to eventually top it off with some oldskool hiphop, she is kinda new to the scene but will definitely blow you away with her vibes.

Who's your guest?

For the takeover we decided to invite Joga Bonito, a dj/producer duo from Ghent, who have a very latin and afro inspired sound. They have already torn up the dancefloor of places like BAR DES AMIS , AAP and Giraf and they always manage to hype up the crowd with their high energy performance topped up by live percussion. They will play a 2h set.

How will you provide the visual or creative aspect?

Jesse De Keyser will be live coding visuals that match the specific sound we are bringing at that time. Throughout the takeover there will be a noticeable progression in visuality matching the sound of every set.

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