How would you describe what you do?

Grid is a platform aimed at stimulating young artists to experiment, express and work together. We try to establish relations between people operating within a wide spectrum of musical styles, art forms and disciplines. Showcasing various visual and musical performances, our events give young artists the opportunity of sharing a stage alongside some more established names within certain musical niches.

The activities we engage in aren’t limited in format. Mostly we throw events where we try to create an immersive atmosphere, besides that we run a small record label called Lieftuig. In the future we intend to organize workshops and give youngsters acces to gear and knowledge, which could be vital for their growth as an artist.

Grid’s dream is to be a factor in uniting the many talented young artists Ghent (and Belgium) has to offer, in order to create a “scene” with international allure. We fell in love with certain cutting edge underground scenes like Bristol and Munich. We feel that Ghent has the potential to be at the same level.

What are you planning to do during your take-over?

Knechtjong will be performing his composition “Jouissance; a field guide”. Armed with ableton live and his rusty trusty APC40 he’ll make your head go pling plong.

Flan:el explores the digital side of music production. Rather than emulating the analog process/gear he embraces the endless possiblities of software such as Pure Data, Max Msp and Tidal Cycles. Live coded, calm and comforting music which focuses on repetition, investigates various psyhoacoustic effects and implements some ‘meaning’.

Lou and Vers bring you a rhytmically powerful set, selecting sub-driven, shaded, and jagged sounds.

Who’s your guest?

Margot Mankiyan
She’s one of the most promising talents in Belgium at the moment, not choosing the easy way out but selecting killer tracks featuring loads of syncopated rhythms and gritty sounds.

How will you provide the visual or creative aspect?

Flan:el will live-code his own visuals.
For the sets of Mankiyan and Knechtjong Glenn de Cock created an immersive 3d-world to explore!
Our own Hektor will provide some enhanced live-coded visuals during the b2b!

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