How would you describe what you do in one paragraph?

We try to connect people in an inclusive, nightlife atmosphere; providing them with the right electronic music, nightlife coziness, art and performances.


What are you planning to do during your take-over?

Dauwtrip will invite a colorful mix of musical alter egos.

To start things of we plan to have our resident Easyground play some ambient tracks.

Main guest would be Laika Skyssels <3<3<3, she brings a (pre-recorded) mix of spoken word poetry and electronic music provided by different artists. This time she collaborated with Aaron., our in-house resident. In the studio, she'll make a small installation, presenting her alter ego. In the room nextdoor, she will mix images live on OBS on top of her set.

Closing the bill we invited two more musical alter egos to the studio. Stipei Johnson b2b Elen Moss. Štipei Johnson’s parents fled the Soviet Union to become famous NASA engineers. Growing up in the USA, Štipei returned back to Europe to find his musical roots. This mélange of influences can also be found in Štipei’s musical taste, name and travel destinations. Last week on an evening walk through Brussels he found Elen Moss, guiding a bunch of alpaca's from Jasaphatpark to Jubelpark. They discussed the redundancy and awfal noise pollution lawn mowers bring to the city and became close friends.


What's the full line-up?

14u00 - 15u00: Easyground,

15u00 - 16u30: Laika Skyssels <3<3<3,

16u30 - 18u00: Stipei Johnson b2b Elen Moss


How will you provide the visual or creative aspect?

We will try and mix live footage from the webcams with stock / found footage in the room nextdoor.