How would you describe what you do in one paragraph?
A musical escape. Everything is possible, everything is allowed, as long as it scintillates enthusiasm.

What are you planning to do during your take-over?

Splḗn is more than our first room, influenced by disco and electronic house. Most editions we also host a second room, referenced to as Poésie Noire, where everything is a bit more dark, fast, gloomy, and synthetic. During our takeover we will explore all aspects of Splḗn, with the first two hours having Splḗn Soundsystem and Nico Juice taking over the decks and representing the true Splḗn vibe. Afterwards, we leave the stage to Gust and Rrita Jashari who will take us on a trip to the underground.

Who's your guest? Give some info about him/her

- Nico Juice:

If there is a disco Valhalla, Nico Juice is crown prince there. He proved this again on our fourth birthday in Club Wit. Opening the dancefloor is never easy, but this cheerful vinyl ambassador just screams enthusiasm. Ready for more?

- gguuustt:

gguuustt is not shy of crossing over genres. As represented in his New Order events, he loves exploring a wild variety of genre-bending styles in his musical selection. Initially inspired by dub and the LA Beat scene, he is home to many different aspects of the electronic nightlife. With a combination of carefully selected tracks and his own productions gguuustt will take us on an unpredictable yet compelling adventure.

- Rrita Jashari:

Living in the small country Belgium is, 'local' also means going to the Capital. Representing Brussels' nightlife, Rrita likes to make people discover music by blending sounds from various eras and areas, ranging from experimental, ethnical and underground music to dancefloor hits or even more poppy music.

How will you provide the visual or creative aspect?

Visuals will be provided by Casper De Saedeleer, and will consist of a video collage drawn from various angles, accompanying Splén’s timeless and cross-border musical identity: pioneering studio work, early cityscapes, inspiring and innovative people, and outlandish oddities from field recordings.