Describe what you do in one paragraph

Slagroom is a Ghent based promoter providing the better electro, italo, new beat and leftfield house.


What are you planning to do during your take-over?

The Slagroom crew will offer a glimpse of what you can expect when the pandemic is over, musically and visually. Future raves are coming


Who's your guest?

We invited the talented Quinten De Wilde en Leroy Prempeh for our visuals.
Leroy Prempeh is an Audiovisual artist that works with all types of visual media.
Quinten De Wilde is a Media-artist that works for this project with technology, ML, AI and found/old film/visual footage. He uses these tools to remake/rebuild footage to create rehashed or manipulated moving images. Often bringing in multiple layers of image in image.


What's the full line-up?

14h00 - 15h20: Lorens & Braaf

Having a complementary taste and record collection, these two friends are like two hands on one belly behind the decks... Allow them to be your guides into space!

15h20 - 16h40: Team Vaseline


16h40 - 18h00: Moscow Disco Rainbow Club

The two Vooruit Original mustaches!