How would you describe what you do in one paragraph?

HS71 is a 7-headed collective, existing out of musicians and graphic designers.


What are you planning to do during your take-over?

We would like to showcase our 4 music artists accompanied by the graphic designers. The music artists will bring a mix of their own music and music that inspires them. The graphic designers will create visuals based on the logo and photos that reflect the collective and the artists within it.


Who's your guest?

All of our artists will be presented during the take-over. The music producers are Jennifur, Lucian Moreau, Triste, Michiel Ardaen and the graphic designers are Emma Raymaekers and Laura Beulens. Jennifur & Triste will play their own music accompanied by music that inspires them. Michiel Ardaen will play a carefully curated playlist. Lucian Moreau will use the platform of Radio Ruit to try out his live show.


What's the full line-up?

- 14h-15h: Lucian Moreau

- 15h-16h: Michiel Ardaen

- 16h-17h: Jennifur

- 17h-18h: Triste.


How will you provide the visual or creative aspect?

The graphic designers will create visuals based on the logo. It will be a mix of the logo in 3D and photos that reflect the artists within the collective. With the series of photos we want to capture what HS71 is all about. It will be an intimate view on the workspace of each artist and their personal belongings. The logo will dance around on the screen as a base layer which will distort the moving photos. All of this will be accompanied by the live stream video.