MEET THE COLLECTIVE: All About Perspective

How would you describe what you do in one paragraph?

what is a dj without a graphic designer and a sound engineer?

why doesn’t your radio show a documentary on what architecture shouldn’t be about?

wow what a boring set, why didn’t they add at least some photos of thor saldens

or pia de vylder?

or viktor van hoof?

some drawings of buuuji ?

or monkey number 2 ?

wow what a boring curator, why does he put everyone in a box?

isn’t pia the best dj?

maybe azur should stop trying to be a dj and focus on architecture?

why don’t you have a syrian refugee sharing his experience on a minimal set of wakki on your station?

why do you think you can use a refugee to make your radio better ?

why aren’t you talking about the hunger in yemen?

about the beauty of the jan met de pet?

wasn’t he a surgeon?

wasn’t she a student in economics?

isn’t hardstyle the new disco?

why don’t you give platform to all students who should be in a gallery instead of those old, rich, white bastards?

lets stay forever in doubt and paint it with a big smuck of artistic freedom.


What are you planning to do during your take-over?

Prior to the show, the collective held a residency in a place that provides different perspectives. Our takeover will always be based upon the collective experience of that location and the world beyond.


Who's your guest?

Dwarsliggers are a group of people who started an utopia in a typical belgium greenhouse trapped between cars and trains. They are free from the ratrace of Western Life and they give us perspective on how to live together with nature under 1 glass roof. They succeeded into creating a place by doing permaculture so you can wake up in a dream where you pick the fruits and vegetables from the trees and plants to have breakfast. Permaculture is the opposite of modern day agriculture where the same crop dominates the land further then our gazes reach: all kinds of plant you know and probably don't know about grow and live under, upon and above each other. This results in micro climate so everybody can live together in harmony, benefits from each other and works together for a sustainable soil for the next generation of plants. Isn't this the perfect metaphor for the world you want to live in ????


What's the full line-up?

We use the fifth amendment of mystery to remain silent


Anything else you would like to share with us?

The show that we have created and will create is one that can not be understood through answers given to these questions.