How would you describe what you do in one paragraph?

We transform cosy, homely feelings to a club night and introduce people to contemporary club music in every possible way.


What are you planning to do during your take-over?

We want to showcase the broad musical spectrum we ourselves as creatives explore. We want to let people hear new and exciting music that we ourselves are passionate about.


Who's your guest?

Black Mamba. Brussels based Black Mamba is a dj/producer who strives to bring a new vibe to Belgian nightlife with a bold mix of hip hop and global club sounds.

Mamba debuted on national radio station Studio Brussel with a hip hop show called Hooray, but quickly expanded beyond the label, landing her a self-titled show in which she fuses the latest trap and grime bangers with bass, percs and rhythms. Every week she connects with guests including the best of Belgium’s rap game, and like-minded international producers and deejays. She’s a regular guest on other platforms as her mixes are featured on BBC Radio 1 Asian Network, Cashmere Radio, Kiosk, Lowup radio,…

In 2019, Mamba launched her own party concept Mo Mamba where she shares the decks with deejays who inspire her artistically, helping her to push boundaries of club music. Since then Mamba invited Mina, Bambii, Jubilee, Branko, Conducta, DJ Slow, AHADADREAM, DTM Funk, Le Motel, Faisal and many more.

Her annual summer snake season brings Mamba to festivals like Best Kept Secret, Listen!, Lowlands, Couleur Café and ADE. She’s also tour dj for upcoming rap-talent Miss Angel & currently holds a 6th place in Red Bull Elektropedia, the official Belgian DJ Top 100.


What's the full line-up?

- 14:00 - 14:45: Simon Lucky7

- 14:45 - 15:30: Basbusah

- 15:30 - 16:15: Heden

- 16:15 - 17:00: Black Mamba

- 17:00 - 18:00: Back2Back


How will you provide the visual or creative aspect?

On a cosy homely sunday, we ourselves used to (and still do to this day) enjoy playing videogames on the coach. We'll provide visuals through emulating old gaming consoles and playing through some of the old videogames we all know and love.